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To post a new trap, zoom in as far as you can and "Right Click" to bring up the crosshair. When you bring up the  crosshair, you will have the option to add a "Speed Trap" "Red Light Camera" or "Speed Camera". When you  select your option, a modal will popup asking you to fill out the remaining information before submitting.

Red light cameras and speed traps are good ideas in theory, but not quite when put into practice. They have become a convenient and socially accepted way to fine drivers and increase local revenue while not actually enhancing road safety, as studies have shown. Article after article nationwide cites how red light cameras are used to increase the amount of money certain cities receive from fines, how well over half of certain towns' operating budgets come from speeding tickets, and yet how particular kinds of accidents, such as rear-end crashes, actually increase regardless of speed traps.

We are working on exporting 50 Thousands speed traps to GPS enabled mobile phones and devices. Who has time to waste in a driving course? Who has the money to spend on a lawyer contesting a ticket? Auto insurance companies increase premiums up to 50% for each of the three years following a single four-point speeding ticket. Premiums increase, the term "higher risk driver" is attached to your driving record, and hundreds of dollars are funneled into your car insurance, all because you were in a rush to pick your daughter up from school or to make it to the eight o'clock movie. The system is unfair to the average aware driver who may or may not test the amount of horses under their hood.

Njection provides an invaluable service to those of us behind the wheel who don't have fistfuls of cash to hand over to the likes of Prudential, Geico, or Progressive. If you are in your BMW X5 speeding away, thinking you are safe.. well you will be with our new GPS system. Simply click on the SpeedTrap section and see where the danger of being pulled over is the greatest. Money and time saved, broken hearts and broken banks avoided. It's that simple.