Kia Optima Hybrid to Start at Just $26,500

Posted at 11:00 PM, Friday July 29, 2011 by David Lux
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Delivering high style and high levels of content-along with impressively high EPA ratings-the all-new Kia Optima Hybrid is debuting with an MSRP of $26,500-that's more than $1,900 less than a Ford Fusion Hybrid.

"Since arriving in showrooms in late 2010, the all-new Optima's combination of stylish design, upscale features and remarkable safety have attracted new customers to the Kia brand, and with gas prices continuing to rise, the arrival of our first hybrid model will continue our unprecedented growth and momentum," said Byung Mo Ahn, group president and CEO of both Kia Motors America and the automaker's manufacturing facility in Georgia, where the Optima will be built beginning this fall.

The key to optimizing the Optima's fuel efficiency is a Kia-developed full-parallel hybrid powertrain that leverages advanced lithium polymer batteries to allow zero-emissions all-electric driving at speeds up to 62 mph, while delivering EPA-estimated fuel-efficiency ratings of 35 mpg city/40 mpg highway. Notably, the Optima Hybrid also will feature Kia's Virtual Engine Sound System, a standard feature geared to alerting people outside the vehicle by playing pre-recorded engine sounds when the car is operating in its otherwise-silent electric-only mode.

And that hybrid powertrain isn't the Optima Hybrid's only breakthrough-the striking mid-size sedan also will be the first Kia to offer the automaker's cutting-edge voice-activated infotainment and communications system, UVO.

Powered by Microsoft technology, Kia's proprietary UVO system will provide easy-to-use hands-free solutions for answering and placing phone calls, receiving and sending SMS text messages, and significantly enhancing the driver's ability to control and enjoy the Optima's audio system.

Added Ahn: "With a starting price under $27,000, the Optima Hybrid provides fuel-conscious shoppers with an outstanding value proposition by being priced below nearly all mid-size hybrid competitors and delivering class-leading fuel economy along with head-turning style and advanced technologies."

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