Des Moines Joins List Of Camera Cities

Posted at 3:30 PM, Monday July 18, 2011 by Tim Healey
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Des Moines added red-light cameras about 15 days ago, and the city has already nabbed close to 500 violators.

The city has issued 474 tickets totalling nearly $30,000, mostly at five of the city's most dangerous intersections.

The cameras generate a lot of debate centering on whether they're being used to promote safety or generate revenue, but in Des Moines, officials insist it's about safety. A team of police officers reviews each violation to make sure its valid.

Red-light cameras continue to be controversial, but it seems so far that Des Moines drivers haven't yet caught on to the camera's presence, given the numbers. Certainly, the Des Moines police have said that they hope more drivers will pay attention.

Thirty-thousand dollars in around 15 days is quite the haul, which means Des Moines drivers might want to start paying attention, in order both to avoid getting the tickets and to avoid accidents.

Red-light cameras are continuing to proliferate across the country, and Des Moines is the latest in a long line of cities to install them.

As drivers adjust to the cameras, revenues and violations may drop. But for now, the numbers are a bit astounding.

If Des Moines drivers don't start paying attention soon, the cameras might be around for a while.

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