Will Norton, Joplin teen’s Body Found in the Pond after Been Swept by the Saturday Tornado in Missouri

Posted at 1:00 PM, Monday May 30, 2011 by Steve Kirtz
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Not tagged Will Norton, Joplin teen’s Body Found in the Pond after Been Swept by the Saturday Tornado in Missouri

The body of the teenager Will Norton has been discovered who was missing after being swept away in the disastrous tornado in Missouri. The teen was coming back home after celebrating his school graduation program.

He was a student at Joplin High School and his SUV crashed while returning back from the school event. His body was discovered in a pond, a little distance away from the place where his SUV crashed.

The videos of Norton are been viewed by thousands of people on YouTube and he has become the most talked about person in Joplin since his missing.

Norton was 18 years of age and was cruising back home from the school event before the deadly tornado struck the place. He was accompanied in the car with his father, Mark, when they got caught in the swirling winds.

Norton's sister, Sara, and Presslor reached home just a few minutes before as they were ahead of Norton's car. His father called them up to keep the garage doors open. But they were stuck after being hit by the powerful tornado winds.

Sara said that both were trying hard to escape from the blowing winds. She further said that it was a horrifying moment as they could feel the air swirling them round. It was like they were being whipped in the air.

He was driving a Hummer H3 which overturned with the air stroke and his seat belt broke into pieces. His father tried to hold him back a lot but he went out through the sun roof of the car.

Mark Norton received multiple injuries and was taken to the hospital where he gave the details of the accident.

Will Norton's body was recovered after a lot of effort as the pond was brimming with the wreckage caused by the natural calamity.

News Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/05/29/2011-05-29_body_of_joplin_teen_sucked_out_of_suv_during_tornado_found_in_pond.html

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